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E-Mail Rates
Mailboxes Domains MB Price/mo.
1 1 25 $4.95
5 2 150 $9.95
10 5 500 $17.95
25 10 1000 $24.95
50 25 3000 $39.95
100 Unlimited 10000 $69.99
All Email accounts support POP/IMAP/SMTP connections on Linux hosts and come with spam/anti-virus protection, unlimited mailing lists, forwarding, vacation/auto-reply and aliases
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WebTent uses SpamAssassin
ClamAV anti-virus protection All WebTent e-mail protected by Maia Mailguard

  Don't let your mailbox overflow with junk mail!Premium E-mail Services

At WebTent, we know how critical electronic mail is for you and/or your business. Our reliable e-mail services are second to none whether you are a shared hosting customer using POP3/IMAP4 mailboxes on our highly dependable servers or rely on your own mail server. Contact WebTent today start enjoying these great benefits:

  • POP3/IMAP4 E-mail Services
  • Webmail access to your mailboxes using Roundcube webmail
  • Proven Spam/Anti-Virus protection
    • Multiple quarantine mail caches for spam, viruses, banned files and bad-header detection available online for your review 24x7 for up to 15 days. Even your unblocked messages are retained for up to a week just in case you've lost or accidentally deleted a message.
    • Quarantine reminders via e-mail
    • Cache digests sent via e-mail at your specified interval, just click to release/whitelist sender right from within your e-mail software
    • Web-based blacklist/whitelist management per domain or user
    • Full statistic
  • Unlimited Mailman mailing lists, forwarding and vacation/auto-reply and aliases

Have your own mail server or need one to suit your own business model? Our knowledgeable staff can setup, maintain, manage and monitor your own Unix/Linux or Microsoft Exchange e-mail server for your business.

Don't be slammed with spam or viruses! All our e-mail accounts come with WebTent's Mailguard, a customized version of the powerful Maia Mailguard using the highly popular SpamAssassin and ClamAV at its core. Mailguard is a sophisticated filtering system that protects against viruses and learns the type of e-mail you receive to provide highly accurate blocking services. Any blocked messages are kept in your own cache for 15 days so you can review in case, in the rare occasion, there is a message blocked that you need. You can release the message and whitelist the sender with one click. Even send yourself digests of all your cached messages via e-mail. Control your own blacklists and whitelists. WebTent's Mailguard can even protect your own in-house company mail server.


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