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  WebTent Information Technology Services (WITS)
Tampa Bay's Best Choice for Local Web and Information Technology Services
Tampa, Florida

You need to "keep your WITS about you" when dealing with information technology. Since 1998, WebTent has been the best choice in the Tampa Bay area for web and information technology services. You not only get the best hosting services from a trusted and dependable local provider, but also premium on-site and remote technical help. We offer quality work at an affordable price, from basic personal computer needs to business network and managed services. Our team includes certified engineers and highly experienced individuals that can offer accurate solutions for your needs. Here is a list of some of our most popular offerings:

  • Priority Access Support

    With a priority access support plan, you will be sure your needs are met with direct access to one of our staff 24/7/365 via e-mail or phone. Service levels include complete network management and monitoring.

  • Network Management and Monitoring

    WebTent uses Nagios Enterprise-Class Open Source Monitoring softwareWe can completely manage your entire network from maintenance checks to 'round the clock monitoring. We track the status of all your critical services that keep your business running every day using Nagios® enterprise-class monitoring. Our network operations center (NOC) will know in an instance if critical services should fail, such as e-mail, web server, remote access terminal services and any other service that runs on TCP/IP.

  • Remote Storage

    Be sure your data is safe and secure with a copy maintained at both our local data center for the quickest restoration AND an out-of-state facility out of harms way. This is not just another FTP backup service where you have to deal with connectivity issues or with a support person when problems arise. Our remote storage solution comes complete with setup and installation of all software/hardware, rock solid data transfer synchronization over encrypted connections using Diffie-Hellman key exchange technology and Secure Shell (SSH) for access instead of passwords that can be compromised. All backup services include daily review of your backup logs. And when it comes time for restoration, WebTent handles everything to get your data back quickly.

  • Managed Web and Email Services

    Some companies prefer to host their own web site and/or e-mail services on their own in-house servers. WebTent can provide everything you need for installation, setup, configuration, management and monitoring of these critical services. We can provide affordable Unix/Linux or Windows solutions complete with directory services, file sharing, web and mail services. Let the professionals at WebTent keep everything running without a costly IT staff that constantly needs training to keep up with the latest technologies. No need for high-maintenance and costly in-house spam filtering either, let WebTent ESMTP Mailguard scrub all your e-mail for spam, viruses, banned file extension and bad headers before it even sees your internal network.

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